August 12, 2013

Life Planning

Well I haven't been doing very well with the #31WriteNow Challenge. This is the first post I have written since last Sunday.... whoops!

But I am hear now :D

I do have a somewhat good reason for  missing out on writing though. I have been doing a lot of life planning. I am still ironing out the details and trying to break down the best ways to attack and accomplish these plans but I will be sharing them shortly!

I did read this amazing post by Prepardness Mama  called the "15 Common Goal Setting Mistakes"  It is a MUST READ if you are making life goals and trying to work towards them! It definitely opened my eyes to a few things I need to try.

For example #10 says 
  1. Failure to come to terms with the fears associated with the goal – Sometimes we are our own worst enemy.  Did you define the challenges? What is getting in your way? Make sure you understand your environment and the challenges you are facing.
This is definitely something I need to work on! As I have discussed before my fears have become a major hurdle to accomplish my dreams. Most of the time I am not aware of these fears.

I also read this amazing quote today from Stiving Onward that I think fits perfectly with my new life plan I'm working on and not letting fear mess things up for me!

"There are generations yet unborn whose very lives will be shifted and shaped by the moves you make...."
- The Butterfly Effect, Andy Andrews

To think about the people that I can help every day is unbelievable. 

Have you been making any new goals lately? 
I would LOVE to hear about them!

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