June 24, 2013

#MealPlanning What's for dinner?

I have made a lot of goals and statements lately of what I want to change in my life and work on. One of the main things I have talked about is becoming healthy and another is cooking great meals for my little girl!

Do you know whats for dinner in the Blake household tonight?


How on earth does that go along with any of my recent goals or life changes? (I do love these crappy little pizzas though shh)

Granted today was a pretty crazy Monday but still I worked from home today! I definitely had plenty of time to set out some meat and plan dinner. But to be perfectly honest with you.... making dinner is the absolute last thing I think of in the day. (Shh don't tell my husband! He does most of the cooking around here)

I'm serious though. I never meal plan and I mean never! We always have meat in the house because my husband is a rancher and hunter so I have a freezer full but when it comes to actually putting a meal together with that meat.... I'm lucky if I have anything at all. 

I'm honestly embarrassed as I write this! I guess I never realized how bad I really was at the classic "dinner time".

I know that I need to be much better at this for my little girl, for my husband, and for myself. 

I mean how can I expect to lose weight and get back in shape if I eat Totinos Pizza for dinner?!

So what am I going to do about it? How can I make this better? Well I am the only one that can! I can't expect anyone else to make the changes and meal plan or cook for me and my little family.


So I am going to alter my grocery list for tonight... as the only things on it right now are:

Even though those things are mostly healthy they do not create a meal.

This is going to be a HUGE undertaking for me and a complete change in my thinking and planning (or lack thereof).

That is why I am posting it here :D I need help ladies and gentleman. I obviously need A LOT of help!

Please I'm begging you to tell me how you have been successful at cooking and meal planning!

I am all ears!!!! 

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  1. Keia, I am in the same boat. Had lasagna tonight instead of just vegetables and low fat meat. I am so not good at eating right. I guess we just have to take it a day at a time and keep trying to improve.

    1. yes we definitely have to take it one day at a time! Thanks for stopping by :D

  2. Keia, I really don't like cooking, I can, but would rather not. Still trying to convince my husband to say ok to those places that cook your meals for you in your own kitchen. In the meantime, I am wearing him down (NOT), I get a lot of ideas from Pinterest. I used to just google for recipes but found that a lot of those didn't have that home cooked taste with flavor I was looking for. On Pinterest, most of those recipes are from folks like me and you. My husband and I plan, usually on Sundays. Sorry to say that without planning, you're doomed. If we don't plan, then it's frozen meals for us! We try to stick to simple foods like spaghetti, fish and crockpot meals. The crockpot has become my best friend. Cooking spaghetti at home is a lot better than buying it frozen. I've made chicken enchiladas in the crockpot and it was awesome. So awesome that my fam requests it now! We usually try to plan for at least 4 meals during the week, we can wing the other 3 in necessary. When you make your list, make it so that you place all of the ingredients together for one meal. I would get confused otherwise, trying to remember why I bought such and such ingredient. It's not easy, but planning is the biggest hurdle to jump for me. Try making your own pizzas like on a Friday or Saturday. That's actually really fun for the whole family and a lot healthier. I am right there with you, and it is one day at a time. Just take one of those days to plan for the other 6. Hope that helps!

    1. Thank you Tiffany I love these ideas. I know planning is the biggest thing for me right now because if I don't have the items I need to make a meal I'm pretty positive I am not going to run to the store to get them. I would rather run to the store and buy a whole meal already made for me ha ha! As for pinterest I pin a lot of recipes that look amazing but sadly hardly ever use them. My Mom always uses pinterest though... she is a great cook, unlike myself.
      Thank you again for taking the time to comment and tell me what works for you :D

  3. I have a basic membership at allrecipes.com which is free, and I have an online recipe box where I keep ideas for dinner. I serve a green salad almost every night--fortunately, my kids love salad!

    1. oh I like that idea! I used to use allrecipes.com but it has been years since i have been on there! I need to have a salad with every meal too. Thank you for the great ideas Ginny :D