May 17, 2013


I have been doing a lot of self reflecting lately & quite honestly have been a little (lot) overwhelmed with all of the changes that I want to happen in my life. This is the reason I started this blog to help me sort out my goals and to hold me accountable for them but lately I am lost as to where to start. 

My notebook is currently filled with lists and ideas and lots and lots of writing that I want to use but I feel like it needs order. I want to have a straight line drawn from A to B so that I know exactly how I'm going to get there. 

But that's the funny thing about life it is impossible to draw a straight line to get yourself somewhere. There are a lot of bumps and A LOT of distractions. Plus lets be honest I have these goals for a reason.... because I have never been able to accomplish them before. So I am trying to except the fact that I am not going to be able to create this perfect plan for all of my goals or for this blog for that matter. It will be trial and error. (Ugh even as I type this I am not okay with it.... but I will be).

During all of this self reflecting it dawned on me that I know who I am. I know where I want to be & I know I am capable of achieving all of my goals. I mean ALL of them! I am no longer someone who is searching for who she is & what she wants to become. I know. I have spent a lot of time thinking & planning & now I can confidently say I know. There is something very uplifting & satisfying about being able to say that. 

So I have made a list of who I am right now and who I want to be. I'm hoping this will help define my direction and keep my eye on the prize :)

I am a writer
I am an avid reader
I am a mother, wife, friend, sister & daughter
I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
I am a planner
I am a chronic worrier
I am a DIYer
I am a procrastinator

I want to be a runner (I never thought I would say that but it is true)
I want to be a published author
I want my relationships to be more meaningful
I want to become a stronger member of my church (increase faith and dedication)
I want to be organized in every aspect of my life
I want to be more carefree (stop worrying so much) 
I want to be put together & not look like a slob 
I want to be healthy & fit
I want to be a cook & baker (so that Aspen will come home to a home cooked meal at night)
I want to be financially free (not so I can spend a lot of money and have fancy things. Just so my kids have what they want & we don't have to worry about money)

So there is my list! I am hoping to tackle them and not only work on the "I want" section but improve on the "I am" section. In my opinion there is always room for improvement in all areas of your life. Even the things you think you are good at. You can always be better.

To get things moving forward I have committed to run my first 5K in July! I will be honest I am very nervous and I have a lot of work to do to get ready for it but I am really excited!

Have any of you created a list similar to this or set any goals lately? I'd love to hear about them :)
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  1. Keia, what a beautiful name. Thanks for posting this, you have inspired me to make a list this week. I will keep posted.

    1. Thank you Tiffany! I'm excited to hear more about your list :)

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    1. Thank you Linda for having a wonderful party that I can be apart of :)

  3. Hi Keia! I love this quote! Thank you for this inspirational message!
    I'm hopping over from All My Bloggy Friends Link Party. Hope you have a fabulous week!


    1. Thank you Ritchil for coming over! I'm so happy to hear you found it inspirational :D
      Coming to see you now!

  4. Stopping by from Wildcard Wednesday.

    Best of luck in reaching all of your goals.