March 21, 2013

Staying Motivated

Staying motivated to achieve your goals is in my mind the hardest part about setting goals.

I am a planner, meaning I write everything down and plan everything all out in my head about how it's going to work etc. but what I struggle with is staying motivated to actually complete that plan. I realized this about myself recently and I have to say that it is probably my biggest weakness. My follow through is Awful (with a capital A). I used to always categorize myself as lazy. 

"I'm lazy that's why I haven't lost my pregnancy weight yet." "I'm lazy that's why my laundry room looks like a bomb went off." I'm lazy that's why And so forth. 

It's not being motivated that's the problem it's staying motivated.

Now if your anything like me you tend to come up with this brilliant plan to achieve your goal in the middle of the week or the weekend so you can easily say "well I'll start this plan on Monday. It's always
better to start on Monday." 

Then comes Monday and you are to tired or busy or "forgot" so you vow to start next Monday and on and in it goes. So throw out the Monday legend! Who says its better to start a goal on Monday?
Your just procrastinating. Wouldn't it be better to start your goals or plans the day you come up with them? That is the day you are the most fired up about it right!
So by waiting for Monday the fire fizzles and you "forget". 

Another obstacle that keeps you from staying motivated so that you can achieve your dream is fear. 
Yes fear! 

I recently decided that fear is not going to lead my life.
 I believe that fear of failure and even fear of success slows us down and keeps us from reaching our potential.

I know that your thinking how can you possibly have fear of success?

A couple weeks ago in a meeting my boss told us that he gives us permission to succeed. At first I was like what did you just say but as I have thought about it later on it really clicked something inside if me that yes I can succeed! I am good at what I do and I can obtain my dreams of financial freedom!

It also triggered something saying you can be better, you can be much better so now I am striving to be an even better processor and close more loans per month. I am also using this principle with my writing. As you know I love to write and want to write all the time but have never put myself out there so here I am with this blog taking a leap and not letting fear get in my way. 

Now I'm telling you I give you permission to succeed in whatever your dreams, whatever your goals or ambitions are, you can succeed! 

Who am I to be telling you you can succeed. I'm not a life coach or any one that specializes in this stuff I'm just a full-time working mom and wife who believes that we really can reach our goals and dreams if we put our mind to it and stay motivated. We really can succeed. 

So every morning when you wake up ask yourself "What can I do today to get a step closer to my goals?" And then write it down because if you are anything like me and don't write it down it won't happen.

Id love to hear what you do to stay motivated :) 

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