September 14, 2013

FABULOUS Organizing & Planning Printables

Have you ever been lying a wake at night in bed and have a panic wondering whether or not you paid that bill?!   I have!

And I finally decided to do something about it! To my great pleasure a dear friend of mine has a Blog & Etsy shop called Mama's Got It Together just for this purpose! To keep me and you from lying awake at night wondering if we paid that bill!

I have been using Sarah's Financial Planner for the past month and a half and I have to say I do not worry about bills at all anymore. I know exactly where my money has gone and what has been paid.

On top of that they are adorable and fun to use!

Here is a snapshot of one of 12, yes 12 editable printables included in the Budget & Finances Planner  for you to use every month!

If you are already have a system you love in place for planning your monthly budgets no worries she literally has a printable for every thing you can imagine! I am not exaggerating! 

Planning a wedding? Sarah has you covered
Need to organize your blog? Sarah has you covered
Need to track your health & fitness? Sarah has you covered
Need to organize your recipes? Sarah has you covered

The list goes on & on folks! Not to mention you get it all for a great price!

So what are you waiting for head on over now and see what she can help you with! Mama's Got It Together

Please tell her hello for me :D

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