December 31, 2014

Why I will NOT be making New Year's Resolutions for 2015

I have to come to realize for myself that the lofty goals I set at the beginning of each year are lost almost within the first month. The reason.... I get too overwhelmed by it all & I don't want to look like a fool so I just let them dissolve & pretend I never meant to keep them in the first place. 

Sound familiar?!

Just 8% of people achieve their New Year's Resolutions according to this article at and research done at the University of Scranton. It goes on to explain that
"many people use the New Year as an opportunity to make large bucket lists or attempt extreme makeovers, whether personal or professional. That’s a nice aspiration, experts say—but the average person has so many competing priorities that this type of approach is doomed to failure. Essentially, shooting for the moon can be so psychologically daunting, you end up failing to launch in the first place."

This year I am not going to set resolutions like lose 10 lbs by March (for starters I'm pregnant and due in March so I will likely gain 10 lbs in the those 3 months!). What I mean is, I am avoiding those types of resolutions & am instead taking the time to get a clear picture of the type of person I want to be.

For example:
I am a patient, loving wife & Mother whom is organized & keeps my cool under pressure.  I am a writer who strives to be an inspiration to those around me everyday.

Now I'll be honest it took me some time to dial down on those items even though it seems simple because there are so many goals I have but they all fit into that definition of myself.

Your picture might look entirely different then mine. Perhaps your picture looks something like this...

I am a hard worker that rises early every morning to workout & prepare for the day ahead. 

The idea behind this is once you figure out who you are & who you want to be & hold onto that image then when you are faced with an alarm clock yelling at you at 6 AM to get up & workout you will easily remember why it was set in the first place. 

Or when your 3 year old is up at 3 AM screaming for 30 minutes you are not as slow to remember that you are a PATIENT mother (this happened to me several times recently!)

If resolutions have failed for you in past years I urge you to take the time to set a clear picture of the person you want to be instead of setting resolutions. Write that picture down in detail & review it often. Rehearse it in your head & soon you will find its just who you are to workout in the wee hours of the morning!

I would LOVE to help you stay on track and achieve your dreams so I have a lot in store for you over the next few weeks to help motivate and push you to keep plugging along day by day! 

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