September 24, 2014


I have always had a love for writing. English class in high school and college were always so easy for me. I always said I could bull crap my way through any paper & honestly usually got an A. 

But I was also very intimidated by being an actual writer. To write novels, to write for a magazine. It sounded magical but when I would go to put pen to paper I froze. 

Awhile back I decided to start this blog & I will tell you I wrote & re-wrote posts several times before I ever got the courage to hit publish. When I finally did hit that little button it was an amazingly powerful & satisfying feeling!

But I still didn't feel enough confidence to keep up with the writing. I know my main fear was that I didn't believe that what I was writing was good enough. The same is true for novels. I literally have 3 novels planned out in mind but I don't have the courage to actually write them down! I'm quite embarrased to admit that! It is almost as if those characters & their stories are haunting me now. They pop into my mind regularly. I know that I need to write them but I use the excuse of not having time as my crutch.

We all know what time is right?! It's an excuse if not used correctly. You can always make time. 

So when I read this part of Julia Cameron's book "The Right To Write" it was like a slap in the face!

How beautiful is that?!

Everyone has insecurities & writing is a way to work them out... free those insecurities.
I know if I sit down to write these stories & my lack of confidence rears its ugly face I need to push through it and just keep writing! Even better stop the story for 5 minutes and write out my fears... work them out on paper! Then crumble it up and throw it away. It will free your to write what you want! I need to give these characters I have grown to love, life!

The same goes for this blog. I cannot worry about what readers want to hear. I will write it & if it helps 1 person, even if that 1 person is me, to grow, then I have succeeded!

I want to inspire with my writing!
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