October 10, 2013


I have been invited by the lovely Mrs AOK to take part in the #AskAwayFriday challenge where we get to ask each other 10 questions to get to know each other better! 

Here are the questions she asked me:

1. What was the motivation behind your blog? 
I am always looking for ways to improve my life and I had the idea one day to write about it and just maybe it would help someone else improve their life too.

2. I whole heartily try to stay positive on my blog....I love that you are always trying to see the positive and you're always so positive, is it hard sometimes to not post a rant every now and then?  
It is definitely hard to not rant sometimes. I honestly have to consciously make an effort to look at the positive of a situation. It is something I struggle with everyday. If I am being even more honest.... there has been more than one occasion that I have typed up a post that was very much a rant and then deleted it. Sometimes it helps to just let it out for yourself and then move on.

3. What's your favorite post thus far?
I would have to say my favorite post so far is on Positive Thinking  I have been working on this so much lately that it is becoming a permanent thought for me.

4. What are 3 things blogging provides for you?
Blogging has been a creative outlet for sure. It has also helped me to express myself better and to grow.

5. You're a mommy, and we all know that Motherhood is rewarding but also brings on tons of fear. How do you let go of fear being a Mother, if you do at all?
I write. Writing is and always has been my outlet. I struggle with fear daily and I'm sure I always will but I am getting better at not letting it control my life and my decisions. This is going to make me sound weird but I have on more than one occasion said out loud to myself "Keia, what are you doing!" Vocalizing how absurd my thoughts and fears are sometimes helps me get past them.

6. What is the funniest thing your daughter has said or did?
Last Friday she managed to get my mascara open and put it all over dollies face. She then brought it to me and said "put on eyes". She was so excited that she had done her dolls makeup that I had to laugh out loud and couldn't get mad at her.

7. What's in your bag?
Oh this is going to reveal my nerdy side! I currently have 4 notebooks, 2 books, my wallet, chap-stick  my camera and hand sanitizer in my purse. Yes I carry that many books and notebooks at one time.

8. Dream family vacation?
Since my little girl is not quite 2 I would have to say Disney World. 

9. Dream couples' vacation?
There is a 2 week cruise that starts in Barcelona, Spain and goes up through Venice, Paris & Turkey that would be AMAZING!

10. Your Dream?
To write full-time and to do it from home with my kid(s). 

Be sure to head over to Mrs AOK blog and see her answers to my questions! I tried challenge her a little ;)

Have a fabulous Friday and remember you are in charge of your future and your dreams. Go after them this weekend!


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