June 8, 2013


I hit a milestone this weekend

I turned 29 years old!


I just started the last year of my twenties!

I woke up Friday morning (my birthday) and went for a run. Now I am just starting out with this running thing so the fact that I went on my birthday of all days is pretty impressive for me. Anyways... I went for a run and while I was out I was thinking about 
what I was going to make out of my last year in my twenties and I got really really excited!

29 is my year to become healthy again.
It is my year to get my life and health in order so that when I turn 30 (ah) next year
I will be starting my Thirties with energy and excitement.

I read this great article on FitFluential about one of their Ambassadors named Monika.
As I was reading her story I saw that she is almost 29 as well and I thought to myself...
"look at this girl she is your age and rocking it! I can do this!" 

So if she can workout and take care of herself at 29 well then so can I!

Yes I would love to look like her but for me becoming healthy is way beyond that. 
I want to be healthy and fit so that I have energy to chase my kids around.
So that I can teach them to live an active lifestyle. 

I want to be healthy and fit because when I get back from a run or working out my mind is clear. 
I just worked out my stresses and I'm ready to tackle anything.
Yes my body is tired but my mind is sharp!

This was me in 2008 on a cruise with my husband (sorry the quality is poor) 
I had only been married for 9 months and in pretty good shape. 
I want to be better than this! 
I want to be stronger than this!

29 is going to be a great HEALTHY year and I can't wait to see and feel the results!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I, too, am trying to focus on living healthier! It has been a long journey for me, but I am so looking forward to just being HEALTHY when it's all over! Stopping in from SITS!

    1. I agree just being healthy is such a big deal! I'm learning that support in this adventure and goal is HUGE! Thank you for stopping by :D I hope to see you again soon!

  2. Happy birthday lovely :) I wish you all the best !
    Visiting & following from WildCard Wednesday :)I would love to invite you to join me at Grab a Friend blog hop :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

    1. Thank you for coming over! I will be over to check out your blog hop :D

  3. Happy belated birthday!! I am turning 29 too in two weeks and I am kind of freaked out to be starting the last year of my twenties. Love this post!

    1. Happy Birthday to you too Zainab! It is a little scary to be in the last year of your 20's but I'm excited about it :D its time to get my rear end in gear and accomplish my goals!
      Thank you for taking the time to comment!