May 29, 2013

Success & Failure #2

It's time for another check in :)

I'll be honest I haven't been looking forward to posting this and
I have honestly put it off for a couple days.
It's not that I have done badly I just have so many other things going
through my head that I haven't wanted to sit down to get this post out. But here I am and I'm happy to be here!

First up is writing!
This past week I haven't done very well mostly because of the above issue.
Otherwise I have kept it up pretty good.

Next is my workouts!
that about sums it up :D 
No I haven't been terrible but I definitely have not been consistent.
But with the 5K looming in the distance (the very near distance)
I am more determined then ever to get out and

Next up is getting up early:
Now I really didn't come right out and say that this was a goal 
but is something that has to be done in order for me to reach my goals.
The past 2 days I have gotten up earlier and I feel so much better because of it.
I have actually had time to get things in order in the mornings instead of rushing out the door barely looking behind me.

And last but not least is my 
Cleaning Schedule:
Yep here is another EPIC fail :(
Don't get me wrong I am cleaning my house (I know what you were thinking!) but I am not  keeping to the schedule I set up. 
This needs to drastically change though as my husband & I just decided that we are going to try to sell our house this year. 
So I have got A LOT of organizing and deep cleaning to do just to get it ready to show someone.

I would like to add one more goal to this list... eating healthy.
I really do want to change my lifestyle and get myself and my family (the hubby included) healthier.

So this week I made a little snack!
It didn't take much to do but I am still very proud it is done!

I found this idea on Pinterest and my baby girl loves blueberries and greek yogurt so I had to try it!

You basically take blueberries with a toothpick and roll it in your favorite greek yogurt and freeze :D I used Dannon vanilla greek yogurt.

I am honestly so excited that I have a healthy snack in my freezer just waiting for us!

How have you done with your goals the past few weeks?

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  1. Ah, I feel ya on the waking up early and setting a cleaning schedule. I often say I am going to get up early. Sometimes I actually set my alarm but guess what? I always end up changing it to go off at the last minute that I need to get up and get ready for work. And the cleaning schedule? Well that lasted for about 2 weeks!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the week. :)

    Julie @ This Gal Cooks

    1. I know it is so hard to get keep up with this! And I am famous for the snooze button. My husband gets so mad at me ha ha its kind of funny!

  2. Replies
    1. they are really good! I will definitely make them again when I run out :D

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  4. Hi! Thanks fot visiting my blog. Ohhhh.....I definitely want to try the blueberries in yogurt. What a great healthy snack idea! Now following you on Bloglovin'
    ~Jackie @ The Non-Martha Momma

    1. Thank you Jacquelyn and they are really tasty! Thanks for the follow :D

  5. When you set goals, some weeks are better than others. Stay positive! & I agree that getting up early makes you feel better. Stopping by from SITS!

    1. Thank you Kimberly for stopping over her :D I agree that some weeks are just impossible to stick with your goals but if it were easy they wouldn't be goals right!
      Thanks again!