May 2, 2013

Sportsmanship & Class

Let me just start by saying this is not what I would normally write about on my blog but I am so frustrated with people today that I have to get it out!

Two nights ago I was at my brother's high school baseball game. His team is currently undefeated so everyone is out to beat them and we were currently down 2-0 in the bottom of the 5th inning and my little brother was up to bat. 

(meet my stud of a brother Ty)

My Mom, Aspen and I walked over to get a better picture of him batting with my big camera. The first pitch hit him square in the back, which advances him to 1st base. He has been hit many times before so it wasn't that big of a deal. 
A Mom from the opposing team had the nerve to YELL

"I hope you hurt him!"
and the girl behind her said
"Hit him harder next time!"

I immediately whirled around and said "seriously that's my little brother!"

The look on the mom's face was Oh.... I got caught!

So my Mom & I turned to walk away and the other Mom turned to the girl sitting behind her and starting laughing it off. 
That's when my Mom attacked! I immediately ran to get my Dad to come break up the fight because I was holding my 1 year old and a big camera I really was no help.

Apparently when my Mom approached this lady she said to my Mom
"calm down it's just a game"
My Mom fired back with
"no you just made it so much worse than that!"
and she walked away.

I am so proud of my Mom for standing her ground and keeping her cool. I really hope this Lady and the teenage girl sitting behind her felt really stupid after that. 

People wonder why the world is so violent! 
Think about all of the little kids around this woman and teenager hearing them wishing harm on another person! 

Granted I am a little defensive because he is my little brother but seriously who does that?  Show some class please!

It is just a game but we need to treat it that way and have respect for the opposing team no matter what the circumstances are.

I apologize for the vent session here but I really hope we can teach our kids to play with sportsmanship not to intentionally hurt someone physically or verbally.

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  1. What kind of a mother encourages her child to injure someone just for sport? This causes me great concern, and is one of the reasons I know I can't ever have kids.

    Your mom handled that situation far better than I would have. Good for her for not letting that kind of behavior slide into home. (Pun intended.)

    FYI: I found you on the Newbie circle on Google+ :-)

    1. It is very concerning for sure! Unfortunately it has been something we have seen quite a bit of over the years of going to sports functions. By the way I loved the Pun ha ha I laughed out loud when I read that :D

  2. SHAME on that mother! What if your brother had been hurt?! What is wrong with these people?! Of course kids are not going to show sportsmanship when their parents act like that! In one of my daughter's recent soccer games, she was shielding the ball, and the player on the opposing team after the play was over (ball went out of bounds) raised her fist and struck my daughter in the back twice. The girl received a red card and was ejected from the game - my daughter wasn't hurt but just couldn't believe the girl just hit her like that. There wasn't even a foul involved. But the parents from the opposing team were making a lot of not so nice comments and my daughter couldn't believe that either. If she had done something like that, she would have been punished. Its simply unacceptable. We wonder why kids show such lousy sportsmanship? Their parents are teaching it. Kudos to your mom!

    1. It is so sad that parents act like this and teach it to their kids. You know that if it would have been the other way around and it was us doing that to their son or daughter then they would have gotten upset. They just don't think about who they are hurting and what they are teaching!
      I am happy to hear your daughter is okay but i'm sad to hear that this crap is going on outside of my little world.
      Thanks for sharing Michelle :D

  3. What makes this story even more disturbing is that this woman is (presumably) a mother herself. How could any mother incite or endorse violence against a child? Good for your mom- she kicked into momma bear mode, but kept it classy!